Our Story

We prefer a more modern approach to consumption. It matters little who we are, but more about a belief system we've matured into.

Gone are the days of over-production to cater to an insatiable appetite for consumption. To help manage our collective footprint a little better, we now select the finest Supima Cotton, in colors that get you good mileage. Waste is an enemy we need to collectively combat.

While there is always temptation to experiment with new styles and products, we stay focused on what we do best. 

It's not boring, it's about being mindful.

The Cut + Sew Process

Our process has matured over the course of many years in the business. While other brands typically produce in larger facilities (leaving a larger footprint behind), the 'sample room' approach to garment production is more our thing - smaller quantities, more considered practices. 

We work with a tight unit of highly specialized people in the BSD Region of Greater Jakarta, Indonesia that are thorough with the entire production process. Everybody chips in, responsibly.

Sustainability is Key

Plastic packaging is everywhere in this day and age. For years, we've been guilty of packing our garments individually in plastic polybags. We're now pleased to have discovered Avani - an Indonesian company dedicated to providing alternatives to single-use plastics. All sifr t-shirts are now individually packed in Bio-Cassava generic polybags that do not require commercial composting efforts. 

We stand for much more than plastic eradication. With the garment industry second amongst the world's biggest polluters, it's now time to support retailers looking to do something about global waste. 

This is the future of garment production.