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PSA On Deliveries as at 21 June, 2021: Due to the rising COVID-19 situation in Jakarta, Indonesia we are experiencing delays with our production. Our production facility has struggled (for the last year and a half) with sample-room operators contracting COVID. With an already lean team, COVID has further hampered daily sewing targets. We apologize for the situation and will keep you updated as soon as possible. Please note that if you are not okay with the delay, we will happily refund you. 

Pre-Order your classic favorites so that we can better manage our inventory levels. This page will feature all styles that are in production at any given time. You can book these and we'll begin shipping when they are restocked at our warehouse. 

These garments below are currently in production. Don't Sleep on these. 

Remember, we gladly issue refunds if you're not happy with delivery dates. 

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