What's your Comfort: Nicholas Chim


Nicholas Chim, singer-singwriter and music educator

Having grown up in the working class, Nicholas uses songwriting as both catharsis and self-discovery. With two albums under his belt, he has performed in countries such as Germany, Hong Kong and Japan. Wearing multiple hats as both singer-songwriter and music educator, he understands that setting aside some downtime is key to progressing further in his personal journey. He shares with us what he does to take a breather:

1) Fishing for prawns (also called prawning) with close friends late at night as an exercise in patience.

2) Going overseas for a weekend. That's when I allow myself to have beers and smokes at 2 in the afternoon. Sometimes, you just have to throw away that sense of responsibility for a little while.

3) Football sessions on a hot Saturday afternoon.

4) Taking long walks out into nature, away from the concrete landscape that dominates Singapore.

5) Lying in bed and watching a lot of television shows and films after a long day of work. It's one way to look for inspiration without trying too hard.

Nicholas is currently in the studio finishing his new EP The Greatest Enemy. Find out more at www.nicholaschim.com




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