The Pivot

Last week marked the final day of Brick and Mortar operations at the sifr at Orchard Central. 

The decision to wrap up was easy in an industry marred by age-old inefficiencies. In the midst of daily operations, we found it increasingly difficult to go back to the core of the business - the end product and the stories behind it. 

However, the future is bright and technology is now central to the process of marketing and distributing the end product. We fully embrace it. 

We will now be revamping our online presence, engaging more with as many of you as possible and most importantly focus on perfecting the end product. Growth of the line will be stable and not a knee-jerk reaction in trying to create hype and excitement. In the last week or so many of you have followed through and hit up our site to get your dose of sifr essentials. We're aware it takes a bit of getting used to but trust us, it's well worth the pivot. 

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  • 9/14/22

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?


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