Sincerely, sifr

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Brighten up the Lunar New Year!

Making progress with the new Robinsons...

Your favorite Pima Cotton t-shirts, now at Robinsons!

Close to home

Nothing like a little Sunday nostalgia...

The process of creation

Short run through on the fun side of the business. Studying a new garment from scratch to finish!

A Travel Essential!

Tyler Brule talks about the LV Pop-Up store opening...with a nice little mention of sifr thrown in for good measure.

What's your Comfort?: Ezan Ong


Ezan Ong loves life, his work and his family home in Pulau Ubin. Read on to see what his comforts are...

The Price of Comfort

A couple of months ago, we were approached by some folks who believed in our brand and appreciated our aesthetic. They came to us as students with a project. They wanted to tell the sifr story from a more back-end approach. They are Good Living, and they have a story to tell; The Price of Comfort.

What's your Comfort?: Christopher John Fussner Jr.

Chris Fussner, marketing guru and creative director at sifr

What's your Comfort?: Daryl Chan

Daryl Chan, Branding, Visuals, Sifr Jukebox

What's your Comfort?: Suraj Melwani

Suraj Melwani, merchandiser and financial bouncer at sifr

What's your Comfort? Our story.

The beauty about comfort is that it transcends all boundaries and can mean different things to different people.