21 OCTOBER SEES TWO more drops - Faded Denim in the Distressed Crew neck and the pocket crew neck. Same fit as always.

Sincerely, sifr

Lounging out - Garments to rely on

Buy Less, Waste less - These are garments to rely on. 100% Premium Pima Cotton

#Carrot #Seaport #Linen #DesertSage #OliveDrab

Brighten up the Lunar New Year!

The right kind of LAZY

LAZY - 3 Garments, Good for life.


DOTS - An insiders feature on a new drop in three new styles.

The Siam - True Comfort!

Bangkok Travels - An unpaid endorsement of The Siam!

Making progress with the new Robinsons...

Your favorite Pima Cotton t-shirts, now at Robinsons!

Back at the office...

The calm after the storm. Thank you for coming to see us at Percentile!

That time of the year!

16th of November, 12pm - 8pm, Cash Only, *Scape, the Ground Theater, 10 of Singapore's best retailers under one roof! 

Close to home

Nothing like a little Sunday nostalgia...

The process of creation

Short run through on the fun side of the business. Studying a new garment from scratch to finish!