Sincerely, sifr

The process of creation

Short run through on the fun side of the business. Studying a new garment from scratch to finish!

What's your Comfort? Our story.

The beauty about comfort is that it transcends all boundaries and can mean different things to different people. 


sifr Essentials - A secondary take

A short rundown on the progression of the sifr Essentials range

Portfolio Talk

Check out some of our previous, current and upcoming work with regard to sifr Essentials presentation and branding! 


Working with your favorite sifr SS12 knitwear! An in-depth how-to.  

Footage and the Beanstalk!

Please note that this post is a tad long but highly informative. We went into a bit more detail!

Teruhiro Yanagihara

You've heard of him from Dezeen Magazine as well as many other sources. Recent works include a project designing for Karimoku New Standard and Sergio Rossi.