Sincerely, sifr

Sifr in Bali

The Sifr team flew to Bali for a well deserved break. We spent Nyepi together, stayed at the gorgeous Bisma Eight, scaled Mt. Batur, chilled at the...

Brewskis with the sifr folks

Home brewing - A sifr project for the home!

The right kind of LAZY

LAZY - 3 Garments, Good for life.

The Siam - True Comfort!

Bangkok Travels - An unpaid endorsement of The Siam!

That time of the year!

16th of November, 12pm - 8pm, Cash Only, *Scape, the Ground Theater, 10 of Singapore's best retailers under one roof! 

Close to home

Nothing like a little Sunday nostalgia...


We think MONSTER CAT is a band with a great future ahead. Check their music out here!

Music: Yuna

Malaysian Yuna is currently making waves in the US with her CBS performance. We can't wait to see more from her! 

Weekly Hightlight - May 2012 Week 1

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Weekly Hightlight - April 2012 Week 4

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