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All in the Details: Extended Sleeve Floral Pattern Polo

It's the last weekend of our online sale and the Extended Sleeve Floral Pattern Polo is going at 40% off. 

All in the Details: Casimir Sandal

A good pair of sandals is footwear that blends the comfort that slippers provide with a touch of elegance. Find out more about the Casimir Sandal.

All in the Details: Gossypium Barbadense‬


Known to be lasting, super soft and light weight, what's not to love about Pima Cotton. Here at sifr, we created a whole line of essentials that fit your basic needs. Basic garments are the most im

All in the Details: Laundry 101

These symbols may look alien to many but it is a language that one would have to learn in order to give the best care to their wardrobe. With over 50 different symbols saying something different it can get tough sometimes...