Apex Global - Making sifr great again

Our last trip to the Jakarta factory supplying sifr's garments was short, sweet but purposeful. 

You see, our garments were always made in larger factories with over 300 - 500 workers chasing production quantities. With the industry currently taking a turn, Indonesia is now experiencing a u-turn in the "sample room" industry.

The sample room is made up of fewer yet nimble and experienced workers. In Singapore, you'll see examples of this at the Ong Shunmugam Atelier in Chip Bee Gardens. These workers represent a shift in the industry where quality (rightly so) now takes centre stage. We're proud to be aboard that wagon. From here on out, sifr has elected to support this sample room style of production. 

While garments come out a tad bit more expensive (all good, it's on us), you'll notice a steady shift into stricter quality control (again, all good). Production of significant quantities take time but trust us that it's time well spent. You'll notice greater consistencies over time. 

As we ramp up our online presence, you'll see a small icon next to our garments highlighting where it's made and in what environment - either sample-room or quantity production. Hopefully you'll never have to see the latter. 

Here's an insight into Apex Global and it's tight operation. We only managed a trip to the office this time around. Next to get covered will be their sewing lines. 

All photos were taken using the G7X Mark ii

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