Close to home

We recently organized a photoshoot of our latest collection with our Sifr Essentials range to fit in. Our underlying message has always been about comfort, pragmatism and quality of the product we put out. This is the kind of product that you integrate closely into your lives. Whether at home or on the town, dress down in a muscle tank to the gym or layer with a blazer or military jacket for a refined look on the go. Our products seamlessly blend into a contemporary way of living.

We've always pushed out the idea of being comfortable at home. There is no better way to achieve absolute and total comfort than there. If your home is your source of inspiration, if you get homesick when on the trot, if you have learned how to cook or simply enjoy spending time with your loved ones, then you, my friends, are masters of your domain. You know the meaning of true comfort!

Our garments chose our shoot location for us. This was a no-brainer. Roping in some of our best friends, we chose to shoot in natural light to keep the overall feel as real as it could possibly get. We hope you enjoy the work and are inspired to integrate and style our product into your wardrobes from morning to night. Have fun with it, we're not the swag police!

Tips on how to relax and love your home even more:

1) Make your coffee the way you like it
2) Sit in bed for a prolonged amount of time in the morning if you feel the need to. Don't sweat it!
3) Watch yourself some baseball or football and let your essentials garments keep you firmly planted in your couch
4) Find a hobby you dig, and explore it in the confines of home
5) Go meet up with your best mates, but don't forget to look good doing so
6) Drink your beer and have another one for the road just in case
7) Get on home and give your partner or loved one some love. They're gonna appreciate it
8) Prepare a meal, but be sure to keep it clean and healthy
9) Catch a documentary, preferably something on current affairs
10) Throw on some tunes and fall asleep to em. We're currently listening to a lot of Jazz

And repeat...

Best regards from all of us at sifr!

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