What's your Comfort?: Ezan Ong



Ezan Ong leads a team of dynamic youth at a telecommunications company in the quest for more sales and better customer service. As a dedicated employee, he also balances his work life with a little bit of down-time. He shares with us the things that make him feel that little bit more comfortable;

1) Enjoying a good movie in the comfort of home right after I've cleaned & tidied up the house. Somehow doing housework seems to be very therapeutic for me

2) Having a good sleep and waking up to a soccer kick-about or night cycling with the group

3) Brushing & oiling the leather shoes, making sure they are well taken care of. It's pretty fulfilling doing such a simple chore

4) That feeling of a good cup of coffee to start the day at work and enjoying work itself

5) Going back to my family home in Pulau Ubin and just self enjoying everything on the island – the scenery, house & people make the daily grind that much more worthwhile

- EO

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