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The Price of Comfort

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We saw this coming a mile away. Remember a couple of years ago when we first said we're all about transparency and that is what we stood for?! Well It's always been true. The link above is a really interesting article from the New York Times that's basically addressing the idea of transparency. It's saying that more retailers are actually dishing out information on where their product is made so customers can make smarter buying decisions. Ever since the Bangladeshi factory disasters, scrutiny on product origin has spiked. 

Why only now though?

We've always believed in this from the get go. As always mentioned, every garment you purchase from us is made by our own family facility by trained and well-paid professionals with many years of service in the industry. These garments are checked by us at our family factory and sold by us at ours as well as partner retail shops. Even when people mentioned that factory photos and factory staff did not add "style" to our presentation, we begged to differ. To all of you that believed that, shame on you! Product origin and the people behind them are just as important as the sales staff/environments that help to sell them. 

A couple of months ago, we were approached by some folks who believed in our brand and appreciated our aesthetic. They came to us as students with a project. They wanted to tell the sifr story from a more back-end approach. They are Good Living, and they have a story to tell; The Price of Comfort.

If you've watched the video, you'll notice something. There's no glamour, there's no buzz, no real hype, but there is good, honest, wholesome information on your favorite sifr product and where it comes from. There's even a feature on my father telling you about the origins of our core product in sifr Essentials. Every time we tell the story of people in our family that are involved in the product conception, they're pleasantly surprised. Hope you enjoyed my father's fitting accent! The best part; there's actually a bit of info at the end on why we think our garments are fairly priced. 

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