What's your Comfort?: Suraj Melwani


Suraj Melwani, merchandiser and financial bouncer at sifr;

1) That first sip of a really cold beer after a really hard few days bouncing numbers. That fourth one when you know you've set a mid-week quota of two. 
2) Knowing you have no outstanding bills. 
3) Playing Fifa 2013 with your best mates in absolute quiet, drinking copious amounts of wine and realizing how much fun you're actually having. 
4) Experimenting with new food recipes only to have it come out even better than expected. 
5) Fishing trips with Dad (and our local friendly fishermen) and catching some skipjack and mahi-mahi. A good day! 
Top tips - Bali
1) Amed - If you're a diving enthusiast and you miss the old Bali, head down to Amed in the north-eastern tip of the island. Things are different down there, with less people trying to sell you stuff. You can also head down to the Gili Islands from Jemeluk Bay. 
2) Ubud - Head down there if you're a foodie. Ubud serves up some real clean eats at local organic joint Juice Ja. The surroundings will put you at peace. It's as quiet as Amed, but slightly more gentrified. 
3) Jalan Bisma, Ubud - Quiet little entrance onto Jalan Bisma from downtown Ubud. The street opens up to a bevy of small hotels, restaurants, art galleries, etc. This is one of those streets that's going to take off pretty soon. 
- SM


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