What's your Comfort?: Christopher John Fussner Jr.


Chris Fussner, marketing guru and creative director at sifr shares with us his 5 main comforts;

1) Waking up to the sun on your face and making some coffee, love the smell and sounds while I'm making some drip coffee or french press if I'm short on time. 

2) After a long day there's nothing better than lounging at home with a beverage listening to some tracks.

3) Waking up with a hangover on a Saturday morning and getting ready to play some soccer (football) with the mates. 

4) Putting my film camera next to my head when the film rewinds or the sound the shutter makes when I snap a frame.

5) Chilling with the family over a long meal and talking about future travel plans.


Chris also took the liberty of sharing some of his insider tips when in New York City:

Top 3 - New York
1) Fette Sau - If you love BBQ, prepare to enter a food coma once you're done eating here. Please note that they charge by the weight of your order. http://www.fettesaubbq.com/

2) MoMa - A great way to visually and mentally stimulate yourself for a couple of hours, they're doing a Le Corbusier retrospective this summer! http://www.moma.org/

3) Love Adorned - If you love accessories, designed, crafted objects for the home you can find anything from vintage persian rugs to handwoven vegetable dye scarves from Japan. http://www.loveadorned.com/

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