What's your Comfort?: Daryl Chan


Just in case you didn't already know, where other clothing brands get all their branding done externally, we do everything in-house! Our team is small, yet agile. Daryl Chan is 1/3 of sifr. He handles all branding, art direction and graphic works in our company. He's also the mastermind of this little initiative. He's always up for a chat, so say hello when you see him around town! 

Here are the few things that make him feel at ease;

1) Sitting on a beach, with the sea breeze in my face and a Pina Colada or some other island cocktail in hand. Preferably garnished with a paper umbrella.

2) Waking up for work only to realise its hours before my alarm rings and snoozing till it does. Or better yet, to discover its the weekend.

3) Getting absorbed listening and losing myself in the layers of music, oblivious to my surroundings. 

4) The first sip of an ice cold beer after a hard day at work. 

5) Having bowls of my favourite home cooked soup after days of eating out. 


5 tracks currently on repeat in his playlist:

1) Groove Committee - I Want You To Know

2) Gregory Porter - 1960 What? (Opolopo Kick Bass Rerub)

3) Cee-Roo - Ray Charles

4) Bonobo - Know You

5) Jose James - Trouble

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