What's your Comfort? Our story.

Many of you may have already visited our new store space PACT at Orchard Central.
It's an eye-opener for some of us behind the business, in a good way! 
PACT is a space that's really allowed us to open our hearts and minds to a bigger demographic out there in Singapore. The space has exposed us to our community and it's brought us even closer to our friends and fans from the synergy thats created by the three individual businesses. This synergy has allowed us to communicate in a holistic way. 
With that connection we've found nothing but love for our product offering. However, one thing has really stood out; sifr and sifr Essentials are the products that have gained a solid following through it's exposure on a bigger scale. 
sifr Essentials has taken centre stage to the point where it's been tough to ignore. The buying behavior for those have been nothing short of mind boggling with some customers coming in and choosing from a slew of different options. They've been taking advantage of the in-store promotions; buy 3 at 10% off and buy 5 for 15% off. What's interesting is some of the discussions we have had with customers and how they feel when they put on the garment. They mentioned that upon putting on the Pima T-shirts, he/she automatically had a certain feeling of "laziness" and that they knew it was time to "switch off". 
Absolute comfort seems to be something that has long resonated with our brand. Whatever we do or make, comfort is our main goal. We live comfort, we breathe it and we can't do without it. The beauty about comfort is that it transcends all boundaries and can mean different things to different people. We know what we enjoy, but we'd really like to know what you guys think! 
With that said, we've chosen to work on a series of posts from different people in our sphere that highlight what comfort is to them; in short and concise sentences. We're pretty sure you're gonna enjoy this, so please feel free to write in and let us know you'd like to participate. This'll be a regular weekly thing. Who knows, you just may receive something for free in the mail. 
Stay tuned!
- SM


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  • Hi Sifr,

    Though I had been sort of a fan of yours, I only chance upon this website of yours after a “liked” from sifrsite on instagram
    Nice and sincere postings you have here, especially like the write up about Suraj & his Dad
    Anyway, here’s my take on what comfort is to me

    1) Enjoying a good movie in the comfort of home right after I had clean & tidy up the house. Somehow doing housework seem to be very therapeutic for me

    2) Have a good sleep and wake up to a soccer kick about or night cycling with the group

    3) Brushing & oiling the leather shoes, making sure thy are well taken care of

    4) That feeling of a good coffee to start the day at work and enjoying work itself

    5) Going back to my family home at Pulau Ubin and just self enjoying everything on the island – the scenery, house & people

    Cheers and keep up that good work of yours



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