sifr Essentials - A secondary take

We're always refining and creating. We spent the last few months of 2012 trying to expand our range of Essentials. 

We found that you've been loyal to our core product of basic garments and from there we decided to increase the offering using the same base.

Using your favorite Pima fabric, we decided to create a few other styles with the same underlying idea in mind; that is to combine beautiful fabrics and unique prints. Sorry for taking our time, but the entire process involved a lot of fit and fabric testing, washing, printing and development, etc. We didn't want to release it for the sake of increasing our sku count but rather to enhance the wearability of the garment. Some of you may love our basic garments, but some others require a little extra detail. With that being said, we had all of you close to our research and development process. 

We will be building on this so feel free to get in touch if you'd like to see anything extra in our Essentials line. As always, we're open to communication with you so please let us know your thoughts. This line is a byproduct of our strong communication with you. 

Without further ado, allow us to expand on the story behind each garment;

After feeling truly comfortable with the men's fits, we put out the women's t-shirts after a 2 year hiatus. We weren't as happy with the first fits as we are this time around. We sought to perfect them before releasing them. These are for the lovely ladies that have consistently visited our stores and purchased the men's extra small tees They are available exclusively at PACT for now.

Women's V-NeckWomen's Racer Tank

Fits were not referenced from any prominent brands but rather through constant trial and error. These are geared for more active ladies that require a more defined shape. Slimmer at the waist and longer in length!

Key decisions that have helped us thus far are our commitments to refining certain things. We'd much rather do something and perfect it before moving on to other things. We respect our fabric and our cuts, and this is why we'd like to take our time and focus on the things that we feel we can be good at. That's a bit of advice from us, stay true and show integrity through the product. It'll save you time and money in the long run (you heard it here first). 

We then decided to have some fun with our core base. Here's our take on a distressed T-shirt. These are even more soft and cooling to the touch than our core T-shirts. These involve a lot of prep work due to the hand work done on each garment that includes cutting the neck rib, sleeve hem and bottom hem. After cutting, these are heavily washed to tone down colors. Automatically you get hems that curl in. These have received rave reviews and yes, we will be committing heavily to these two cuts, V-Neck and Crew Neck. 

The next and most obvious progression was to head into the direction of prints. And yes, still on the 110 GSM base. These prints were designed in-house and placed on the back yoke. As you know we're big fans of a more subtle approach. These are limited to Black, Navy and Heather t-shirts. 

Someone once yelled 'Boxers' in our direction and we responded in a big way. We designed two prints that we truly like. They are both major contrasts to each other; one is a subtle "Sparse" print and the other is an "All-Over" print. These use a 130 GSM base for a slightly heavier weight. Friendly on the ladies too! These should help lift your game. 

Lastly, in an effort to stay on trend and to not neglect our customers that love a bit of patchworking and colorblocking, we imported some beautiful fabric from Osaka and patched it on our tees. We combined the best of both worlds in this product. Since we regularly use Japanese fabrics for our 'cut and sew' line, we thought we'd take it up a notch and throw it on your favorite Pima fabric as an accent. These come in some serious varieties in Navy Blue as well as Heather Grey. Some patchwork extends to the back panel also. 

Hope you guys enjoy the stuff. These will soon become a mainstay at both K.I.N stores. Stay tuned for all other Secondary sifr essentials items. We've got scarves, hoodies, leggings, lazy shorts, lazy pants, etc. 

What's your comfort?

- Sifr


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