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Part 2: Designing & Producing for the AW’12 Monsoon Collection

The Autumn/Winter 2012, Monsoon Collection is in stores! In this collection, you’ll notice that we experimented with a range of outerwear like trench coats and blazers. This adds depth to our first Autumn/Winter collection. In balancing design and technical details, we played with the inner lining of the outerwear to create a polished and luxurious look. Even in the footwear, you’ll see how we went out of our comfort zone and ventured into varying texture like faux ostrich, snake and crocodile skin. Our team certainly had a lot of fun designing this collection, and it shows.

Experimentation is a dangerous but necessary process; going too far might alienate while stagnation might cause others to look elsewhere for something refreshing. We like to constantly push the boundaries without compromising in quality or comfort. By challenging our patternmakers and sample sewers, we’re able to see what more they can deliver. It’s great to see them warming up to it. 

Our Japanese counterparts continually make our job easier. Their innovative fabric are so enchanting that we were forced to simplify our garment construction in order to fully appreciate it. They regularly spoil us with choice. Instead of sending samples to a factory and asking them to source for a similar fabric, we buy direct from these Japanese mills and import it to our Indonesian family facility.

Production has always been challenging, particularly sampling which was tricky because we had to put together an outerwear sewing team. Once we found these experts, the production was so much easier. It’s very different producing for an Autumn/Winter collection; for example, sewing requires a different set of needles, thread gauges, etc which means that our production team had to re-thread all the machines on a regular basis.

We’re excited that it’s finally out. Let us know what you think. Don’t forget to pop by our different stockists to check out the collection.



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  • My 1 year old boy would love the one with grey! I like to see how cozy my boy can be wrapped with this beiutaful blanket. My 4 years old boy also would love to play with the blanket to create his imaginary world. We will move to a new house 2 weeks later so it would be a memorial gift to them. Thank you for such a lovely giveaway!


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