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All in the Details: Casimir Sandal

Many of us in the Asian region are often accused of dressing sloppily and one of the gripes is with our footwear, or lack thereof. It’s for practical reasons, because of the humid climate, that some of us are guilty of wearing flip-flops even though we’re well dressed overall. Moreover, it’s simply a natural progression from our ancestors who used to wear red clogs or blue and white slippers. One way to refine this is to don on a pair of sandals. 

The Casimir Sandal is both aesthetically unique and comfortable. You’ve to try them to believe it. Some of its features include the stitched leather soles for extra durability and an EVA insole on the heel for that extra cushioning.

For that touch of elegance, nubuck is used. Unlike suede, this type of leather is far more durable. It’s easy to get confused about whether a leather item is nubuck or suede since both look and feel similar. Both types of leather are sanded to produce the velvet soft feel that is so desirable. The main difference is that nubuck is sanded on the outer surface of the leather, which would have been the exterior skin of the animal, while suede is sanded on the inner layer of the skin. Since the outer layer of a skin is much tougher, the nubuck lasts much longer and responds well to the sanding process. 

We like to pay close attention to these little things.


  • Awful, Robin. I hate it when a client biegns to ask for more and more additional stuff. And I wonder why they think they can get away with saying, “but, I told you . . .” We’re not sutpid. I actually quit working with one because evry painting required more. I haven’t missed his money since I had more time to work with other folks.I like the new look, too. AAB

  • I don’t know a whole lot about the previous owner, other than the iiformatnon he provided to me. It sounds like you are pretty familiar with him.One thing I did learn about him he’s not the most honest person I’ve ever met. The machine that was advertised to me, including the photographs, was not the machine I received. The game in the photographs was almost mint, the game I received had the broken corner and what appeared to be a six pack a day smoking habit!When I picked the game up, he had two storage units packed full of games, DJ equipment, lights, etc. He told me that his nightclub had been sold to a developer to make room for some condos. I got a pretty good look at about half of the games. I saw a few of them pop up later and again, the pictures he used to advertise the games were not the same machines that I saw.Fortunately, I was able to share my dealing with him to a number of collectors through the KLOV forums. I most certainly won’t buy from him again, although I’m curious where the rest of the games are as I haven’t seen them on e-bay, his normal avenue for selling.I got the game for a decent price and the restoration was a learning experience. I just wish that some NOS artwork was available to compliment all of the time and effort I spend restoring it. I’m please with the artwork that I have but it is what it is.


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