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We're big on highlighting the sifr Essentials product. In the last few months we've made sure to document a whole lot of our work into some form of a manifesto/marketing kit/portfolio. We documented our work with Singaporean department store CK Tangs, Blueprint Tradeshow and Isetan Singapore. 

Our sister store KIN has recently added some nice new furniture. The product sits nicely displayed on two multi-tiered shelving units and has ample info about the product. We felt the need to make things consistent at different locations. You can read about each style through the "Muji" acrylic cases. 


The premise is simple; the product needs to have it's own private home at all KIN and KIN related spaces but should fit in seamlessly into the environment and it's styling. At KIN, we like to celebrate a bit more clutter, hence the over-enthusiastic stacking (more approachable)!

At Pact, you'll probably notice a little more cleanliness about the space (due to Teru's signature style). Just needs to have some Orange around the place. 

One of the other designs that we can't wait to add into the lineup is the Teruhiro Yanagihara designed sifr Essentials cabinet that's gonna look beautiful. This is going to be complemented by some other designed props to highlight some of our other product on our main table. Teru is skilled in the field of product design as well and you can truly see the integrity through any of the designs that he puts out.


Above is the Plywood Shelving while the inside is painted in grey. It is a modular shelving system that we can always add on or subtract from. The idea is a play on perspective and that should really engage the viewer. It is skewed and should really make for a bit of fun for us and you all. Do we stack it straight or as per the skew?

Hope some of you kept the weekend nice and civil!

- SM

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