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Teruhiro Yanagihara

We're always trying to stay busy, productive and creative. 

With that said, we're proud to announce that we're working on a new and exciting project in a more familiar and accessible part of Singapore. 

Our sister company KIN is working on a three-pronged business concept in the form of Pact. Pact will be a space that encompasses three successful Singaporean businesses that are proficient in their respected crafts; Famed Japanese hair salon concept Kizuki + Lim hailing from Osaka, Kilo Kitchen + Bar and last but definitely not least, multi-label and lifestyle store KIN from Haji Lane. 

Each of these businesses excel in their fields; Kizuki + Lim offer personalized service unlike any other, Kilo Kitchen are continuously pushing the envelope in the field of "comfort food" and KIN has long been a mainstay in the Singapore retail scene. 

The best part; the entire space has been designed by famed Japanese studio Isolation Unit. The Principal Architect on the job is none other than Teruhiro Yanagihara (the badass looking man below), who was responsible for the design of Kizuki + Lim at Raffles Hotel in Singapore. 


An exercise to determine common ground between all businesses involved

Another bit of good news, one of the most significant icons of the KIN retail space will encompass a Yanagihara designed Pod fully dedicated to showcasing one of our best products in Sifr Essentials. We'll give you this only; he's implemented his signature style in the study of Perspective. 

Opening August 22nd, 2012. 

Stay on for the ride as we continue to keep you posted!

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  • TM / Can you make a list for young adults as well? Books at the raneidg level of Harry Potter (non-manga since those are easy to find). Or provide a link if this link already exists. Thanks!


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