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What's your comfort this weekend?

A few helpful tips to make sure of a good weekend;

1) Don't forget about the 2012 London Olympics. Judo (Teddy Riner is next level at 100kg) and Basketball could be the potential highlights of the weekend. Make sure to forget about having a shower and focus on improving technique with the tv remote. 

2) Or head down to any good coffee spot and get yourself a "Gibraltar"; Double shot of espresso (the sweet part) and a dash of milk! Order this to impress a date since it's never on any of the menus.

3) Get some Organic Shea butter and use it on everything. Use it on your skin, use it in your hair, use it to moisturize and use it to smell good! To wash up, get yourself a bar of the world renowned "Chandrika" Vegan soap. All of the scents combined will put you in a daze to last you a good while. 

4) For the more active types, make sure to put on one of our Singlets or Muscle Tanks and head out for a run to keep the heart rate up. 

And one last bit of advice before you head out tonight...

5) Beer before liquor, never been sicker. Liquor before beer, you're in the clear! You know where you read this.

What's your comfort?
- SM

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