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Now that we're out there more, we get a lot of people asking us about where the product is from. Thanks for caring enough to get us to write a post about it. We are proud designers, craftsmen, etc. 

Sifr has and always will continue to be produced out of our family workshop out of Indonesia. LLG is partly and proudly owned and run by the family of one of Sifr's members. The facility has been running since 1978 and has specialized in woven and knitted items. Based out of Indonesia, LLG has been through some tough times back in the day but has always ploughed through. LLG hires only the most technically sound and experienced pattern-makers, sample machinists and sewing operators. We're pretty sure you'll notice the quality through the clothes you've put on. 

A little bit of useful information; Indonesia has long maintained a tight grip around the importation of foreign fabrics and materials in the garment trade. This has made it very difficult for brands like ours to maintain our premise of good fabric, beautiful design, accessibility, etc. However, LLG has provided us a helping hand in gaining a fabric import license. We took full advantage of it from day one!

As you know, we get a majority of our fabric from Japan, US, UK and Thailand. You may have seen some of our previous posts of travels through Osaka, Bangkok, London and hitting up the fabric tradeshows such as Premier Vision, etc. Combined with a stellar team at the workshop, we're pretty pleased with the results so far.

Some of you will notice these new tags we put out for SS13 when the batch arrives in February. They look simple, they have the initials of three countries and they are colorless.

And that is exactly what we intended. 

What these tags embody is our commitment to the gear you put on; we've designed these pieces at our co-op office in Singapore, procured most of the fabric from around the world (namely Japan) and we've proudly worked with our family in Indonesia to produce things we're happy to show to you. 

- SM

(Noticed a little bit of blog love and feedback from styleforum/sufu members, etc and traffic on this site has been good, hence the post). 


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  • Thanks for the kind word Sylvester. We’ve basically made sure to ensure integrity in most garments, to have it make sense and serve a purpose. Glad you like it! Keep the comments coming. Good to be writing again.

    - SM

  • i like the fabric of your clothing even though i only own one. it’s the perfect kind of material for weathers in asia especially singapore. i’ll like to support you guys more.


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