All in the Details: Gossypium Barbadense‬

This month ‪Gossypium barbadense‬ shines bright in our Fabric Guide. Honestly, ‪Gossypium barbadense‬ has always been our little star. Need to google the fabric? Hold on a sec, cause it's actually a plant and not fabric! Pima Cotton comes from Gossypium barbadense‬ and if you're wearing clothes made from Pima cotton, you know you're wearing that little bit of gold. 

Known to be lasting, super soft and light weight, what's not to love about Pima Cotton. At Sifr, we created a whole line of essentials that fit your basic needs. Basic garments are the most important items in your wardrobe. They need to be versatile, lasting and most importantly, comfortable. Sifr Essentials is a collection of practical t-shirts and basic garments that delivers on all three counts. Convinced yet? Then Shop now. Now available in bundle packs, a set of three gets you 10% off and five gets 15% off. We just thought we'd save all you repeat customers the hassle! 






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