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It's all good - Embracing Normalcy.

Now I don't like to preach but I felt the right time to discuss something I hold close to home. 

Have you always felt the need to buy stuff you don't need. Have you always felt the need to find the most obscure stuff to stick out. Have you spent hours on end to scour the internet to look for the most unavailable music, ep's, clothing, craft beer brand, new cafe, coffee brand, piece of footwear, whatever. 

I'm here to tell you it's okay to be pragmatic. It's okay to pair things back. It's absolutely fine to not try to stick out and be noticed. Your friends won't idolize you less, your acquaintances won't follow you less. Your confidence is really what matters here. 

Now why did I feel the need to speak of this? Because in the age of the internet, we are constantly blasted with things, products, etc that have created micro races to gain more followers, likes, validation, etc. What exactly happens after that following has gone from 1 to 10,000. What happens after the likes follow suit. What happens after that barrage of compliments come along? What then? Are you full, or are you content? Does it get anywhere. Do things stop and change? Do we mature and evolve? Or do we regress?

I am not sure, which is why I felt the need to address this. 

What I am sure is that I have come to accept normalcy. I am content with my existence. You see after having a child, a wife, and a fulfilling job, I myself have seen that previous cycle come to an end. I have found the answers that the likes, followings and validation could never give me. I have found the peace that comes with normalcy. 

With that said, here are some things I suggest to overcome any issues. This is a combination of solving things the old-fashioned pragmatic way:

1) When in doubt, simplify. 
2) You do not need 1000 friends and acquaintances. The old bit of advice "less is more" applies here. 
3) Quiet is never a bad thing. Switching off is necessary for change. Time to think is time to improve.
4) Try understanding the function of a material object than what it stands for. Once you do that, you're probably not going to love said item as much as you did previously. 
5) Spring clean everything (your home, fb list, desk space) all the time. Keep things fresh and relevant to today. Bring it to 2015/2016.
6) Surround yourself with confident, intelligent people and you'll look at the world in a truly different way. 
7) Don't look for perceived value, Look for actual. This is not being cheap, it's being smart. 
8) Remember, the next obscure thing you find now is going to get played out real hard, real fast now that the internet is in full swing. Cycles have become much more pronounced and accelerated in the process. 
9) Wear your sifr knowing that you know full well who you are. You're happy knowing that a few really is all you need. 
10) Save for this article, never let others tell you or show you how to think and act. 

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