A sifr journey - Bali in 35mm

This time 2 months ago the sifr crew went on a little tour. 

We needed a chance to get out of Singapore so Bali was the closest place we'd never trekked through before. 

Ari, Mariah, Suraj and Daryl packed bags, their healthy livers, minoltas, rain + trekking gear. Here's how to maximize the trip in the least number of travel days.

We did 6 days spread out over 3 locations (to balance out r & r and misbehaving on the side). 

First we headed down for Nyepi to Suraj's dad's house in Tegalallang, Bali. Tegalallang is a beautiful village town with sprawling views of the Ubud jungle. Nyepi is a day for reflection and quiet time. This is when all lights and activity are requested by village heads to be kept to a bare minimum. People are only ever allowed to venture out onto the streets in absolute emergencies. Highly recommended to visit Ubud during this time and be sure to head to the Supermarket before hand to stock up on groceries, beer, food, etc. We did!

For two days we reflected, shared thoughts, ideas on life, business strategy and the like. The night sky in Ubud is worth a trip on it's own. Our resident astrologer homie Tarun was able to walk us through the concept of inter-space travel and black holes and other Interstellar spoilers. None here though. 



We then headed down to Suraj's family's new venture in Bisma Eight and spent two nights there taking in the serene surroundings. Jalan Bisma was a nice central spot to base ourselves from to cover Ubud. With a pool overlooking the lush Bali jungle and sprawling views of the Bedugul mountain range, this location made sense for us. It would be a shameless plug but Ubud fits the sifr sensibility to a T. There's a certain effortless sync about both brands where they both embody craft, culture and context. Much of the time was spent at the hotel, walking through downtown Ubud as well as a trek up to Batur. Suraj did not join in but Ari, Mariah and Daryl started the trek at 2.30 in the AM (after their drinking session ended at 1 AM). 


Next we headed down to Seminyak to keep Ari entertained and off a 'certain dating app' that rhymes with rinder. With Ari being a first-time visitor to Bali, Potatohead was part of the list that had to be done. We started at our villa booked through AirBnB. The planning and execution using AirBnB is quite effortless and I highly recommend it when heading down to Bali. Our's was a beautiful little villa deep inside Jln Drupadi. 

Our last day was spent looking for the secret beach that turned out to be not-so-secret. Pandawa Beach is not bad, but it's still a little dirty, over-crowded and touristy. Head down here, but really try to find your own secret spot.

Some pointers to get the best out of your trip:

1) Go deep in Ubud. There's something about just taking it easy
2) Do the Batur Trek. It's stunning
3) In Seminyak check out the latest store for wares; Buro Bali
4) Head down to Pandawa beach and look out for a quiet spot. Go during high tide
5) Bali is beautiful during Nyepi. Look yourselves in for a night or two
6) Embrace the local Ubud community. The city's got some great people down there and a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene
7) Shop in Ubud for the latest fabrics and wares. Lots of beautifully died indigo fabrics
8) Do the cooking class at Bisma Eight with Exec Chef Miles Belfield. Forage through their garden property and learn their take on local cuisines

Or don't follow the above and just relax. 


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