Tour of duty - Bisma Eight

3 years ago my folks went down to Bali looking for a different experience. Things changed shortly thereafter for all of us. 

Some of you may feel that Bali has somewhat lost it's lustre through all the constant building and the lot. Yes, but you also couldn't be more wrong at the same time.

In the midst of all thats going on in the downtown areas, Bali has indeed lost a little of it's charm. However, higher up on the island, we're seeing a resurgence and slightly more curated approach to gentrification. Sure the Monkey Forest is a tourist trap, but the rest of Ubud and Sayan are great areas to be visiting if you're in need of some nostalgia. A good combination of culture, food and art is prevalent and constantly being protected by the locals and expats that live there. Some even call it the "Brooklyn of Bali" because it's actually possible to build a life in Ubud and Sayan without paying crazy prices you are noticing around the rest of Bali. 

We're seeing great people from the folks at Hub in Ubud set up co-working spaces to the Green School as well as passionate chefs and artists setting up boundary-pushing F&B outlets down there. It's almost a haven for nomads and creatives alike (here). 

Seeing as there were a lot of great folks heading that way, myself and my family went and set up what we believed was much needed. For as long as we have been coming to Ubud, our accommodation choices were always limited in that there no real updates in the hospitality landscape. Every new place to stay felt like exactly that; 4 walls and a bed in a fancy locale. They felt plainly like hotels. 

We went about it with a different approach. You can call it the Millennial way for a few reasons. This is a total immersion into a city you go and visit in your time off. Bisma Eight ( is 38 room property that defies a lot about the regular conventions of a hotel. You see this a lot in the US and the UK but rarely comes to fruition in a place like Bali. The property we built rejected notions of typical hotels with build outs that instead resemble apartments, coffee from local roasters and business centers that mimic cozy cafes. Our restaurant Copper Kitchen & Bar rivals any city restaurant with food from the soul while keeping context firmly in mind. The best part in all this; the People. Bisma Eight's team are made of a carefully selected team of Indonesian and Balinese locals alike to give off an experience that defies what it means to be traveling through a city that's not home. Why? Because they make it feel like home. It's new to all of us, but it works. 

I believe in the product because it's never been just a product to us. It truly is a way of life. 

Come see us. This has got the sifr sensibility all over it. 

- SM

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