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Brew 2.0 - Hops, Bottles and Crown Caps

Back with another episode on Beer.

I recently graduated to the next level in home brewing. After a much needed return to Ibrew to restock on supplies, I felt confident enough to ramp up my commitment.

Raymond at Ibrew suggested moving to glass bottles to help with the preservation of carbonation as well as to avoid leakages. He also suggested I get some crown caps and a capper to seal the bottles nicely.

This time I worked on a lager with Cascade Hops and some Nottingham Yeast. To be absolutely honest, I'm quite pleased with the resulting effort.

Have a look at the progress below. Please excuse the ugly towel but temperature maintenance was imperative. Sorry for some of the blurry images as I had the Ipad on hand while scrolling through instructions.

What I really liked about this batch:

- The Dextrose addition really helped with the carbonation this time around. Will be continuing this
- The Nottingham Yeast did not bring about any noticeable except more residue. 
- The Hops were a nice addition. I prefer it more Hoppy so in future, I'll be a little more generous with the Hop Bags.

Points to note:

- Still very difficult to maintain good temperature in Singapore.
- I had to bathe the Fermenter in an ice bath and wrap it with a wet towel everyday.

Future points:

- I will be investing in a cold fermenter as well as another wine fridge to keep brew at 18 Degrees in Secondary fermentation.

This is still a highly enjoyable process. A really nice way to spend a saturday afternoon in the kitchen. Nothing better than saving money and enjoying your own hard work.

As I always say, buy less, buy better! Enough of the Tiger Beer and get on the Home Brew tip.

- SM

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