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This is England!


Where to start?

We like to get out and about at times exploring good spots in Singapore. I'm not so much a foodie but I do appreciate the research and craft that goes into f&b. As you may know I recently started the process of homebrewing, infusing my spirits at home using mason jars, etc. I am going to start my round of bitters so look out for that post in the future.

My wife and I decided to plan a quick trip to London before our baby was due. I've always wanted to do a post to highlight the highlights, something you'd find useful if some of you are going on a trip that way. The trip revolved around food and drink, with short visits to the shops. Some of you heading there soon may find this guide a little boring, but please note the wife was about 6 months pregnant, so late nights were not so much a priority. We're also not big on maximizing days when on holiday, preferring to sleep in and skip meals whenever we decide to.

In no particular order, here's our take on London in 7-10 relaxing days;

1) The Gin Journey by Shake, Rattle and Stir starring Leon Dalloway. If you love a little bit of history with a great emphasis on god's juice that is Gin, be sure to take on this trip. I suggest going alone, because the people on the trip are fun and Leon is knowledgable, passionate and very friendly. Starts in Chinatown at Opium and ends somewhere in Shoreditch. Easily one of the highlights. Be sure to read up on your gin history before going on the trip as right answers will score you some nips!

2) Borough Market; Touristy but everything from wild boar sausage to craft beer to cheese. Good touristy photos of The Shard building can be taken from here.

3) Head down to Bone Daddies Ramen in Soho, with a nice view of Supreme. Who doesn't love a bowl of Ramen with a clear view into the Supreme store?

4) Head down to Alfie's Antique Market and bargain a little for all your favorite props and other bric-a-brac. Then head to Chiswick to visit The Old Cinema. Antique Jielde Lamps and Crystal tumblers for days. Copped two lamps and a cocktail set.

5) Stop at Selfridges for the Salt Beef sandwich to go. Bring it over to Primrose Hill and get a nice shady spot under the trees.

6) Watch TV in London. The quality of trashy television is on point. Who likes TOWIE?

7) Pimm's has recently launched an Elderflower flavor. Thought I'd share that for all you summer cup lovers. 

8) A slightly longer one on my bar run. Go and visit 69 Colebrooke Row in Islington. I youtubed Tony Conigliaro's videos (not the baseball player) of him experimenting with different flavors and flavor profiles to create a really unique menu. One of the most progressive in the game. Service was on point. Head down to the London Edition hotel and have a cocktail at the Berner's Tavern and stop at the Langham hotel for a quick one at The Artesian bar. Purl London was another great option if you are into the whole prohibition/beard/moustache/suspenders thing.

9) Copped a pair of the Nike Free Flyknit 4.0 for my extensive walks in London. Went to Size? to have a look. Still a great store packed to the brim with people. I do not foresee a slowdown in the shoe business.

10) Short whiskey tasting at The Cadenhead's before making a purchase of a peatier bottle for back home. Shoreditch Junk, Patty & Bun, The Chiltern Firehouse (more paps than celebs) made the rest of the trip pretty good.

- SM

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