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Some of these posts can get a little long-winded. As you know we're big on going deep so if you prefer a shorter version, feel free to troll our instagram and facebook posts. This one's for the nerds and the extended family. 

A year ago (yes, we do plan that far ahead), our trusted fabric homie sent us some swatches and recommended a few select items from Japan. The beauty about these dead-stock fabrics is that they come in extremely limited rolls (40 - 50 metres). As you know, we do monthly drops to keep things fairly streamlined so you're sure to not see too many of these garments elsewhere. 

Doing the usual run through, we found two great Seersucker fabrics that fit the getaway vibe just nice. The third one was a little more special to us. If some of you've been following us since day one, you'll remember a Ditsy Floral shirt that drove everyone off the wall. It was on point, relevant, and best of all, easily one of our finest pieces to date. We found a similar type of fabric this time around that made the cut right away. If you're a nostalgia man, prepare to fist bump The Straight Hem Button Down Shirt. Floral in it's ways, effortless in it's style, all while retaining that sifr aesthetic. Photos below show the difference between 1.0 and 2.0 (notice the difference in photography and presentation as well).

Without forgoing comfort, it was pretty obvious what was expected to be done with the puckered Seersucker fabric. Those of you that don't know, the name originated from India and is actually produced by bunching together thread that makes the fabric. Don't thank us, thank British India for making this a summer staple in your dad's wardrobe. 

This time, the thought process was easy; ideal for breaks, casual yet versatile for evenings, subtle trims, and refined to the fullest. We've done this one before, so it's no surprise that the Seersucker went to reintroducing The Half Placket Painter Shirt. Pair these up with solid colored board shorts or spandex twill pants. 

And just in case you needed some inspiration for your next destination of travel, here are some photos we took on our last trip to Ubud, Bali. A lot of our regional sifr customers may frequent this part of Indonesia, but for those people further away, pen this in your itinerary for next time. Photos are from the family home.

PACT is retailing these garments featured above at SGD $149. Stay tuned for our next drops.

- SM

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