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Everybody loves color - especially during the Lunar New Year.

You keep asking us for more color options in the sifr Essentials range. Now here they are:

This season we chose to drop some in Olive and Sage, while throwing in a few surprises in Carrot and Linen. We know the bright hue of Carrot is not for everyone, but they go especially well with a pair of worn-out Cotton Twill pants. Color up top can be diffused if you know what bottoms to work with. Or you can just reserve them for your holiday retreats. 

Sage is sure to sell out pretty quickly. It is a dependable option and makes you feel a little safer with your choices. Easy to style with everything, this color is a little more washed out than the others. Olive on the other hand is a little more deep in color.

Linen and Seaport are great opposites. Seaport for casual evenings, while the Linen color would be perfect for lazy Sundays. Washed out in color without committing either in the direction of Pink or Creme, Linen is a lasting option in between.

These come in XS - XL for Men and in XS - L for the lovely Ladies! At PACT or via our Online Store.

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