Fabric is one of the most important aspects of garment design. From the sifr perspective, fabric comes in at a greater priority than detail. If you've followed us through our journey of creation, you'll find that luxurious fabric in reliable styling is the absolute essence of this product line.

Fabric determines the style and subtle patterns truly complete a good garment. This was the thought process behind this small selection of shirting. Our trusted Japanese cotton supplier provided us with the right pattern to execute this batch. We always welcome DOTS, but done well. They have to be subtle enough to work nicely within the sifr product line without masking our attention to detail. The polka dots chosen were a tone on tone pattern. White dots on a white base, blue on blue and an always necessary shade of grey (the way we like it at sifr).

The end result is a selection of fine shirting done in our typical understated style.

This fabric comes in three variations and three colors;
1) The Leisure Shirt with Triple Needle Seams in Long Sleeves
2) The Leisure Shirt with Triple Needle Seams in Short Sleeves
3) The Straight Hem Button Down Shirt

SGD $129 - $149. Available at K.I.N at PACT in very limited quantities.



  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

  • Next week, I’m raiding the store. Hope all the sizes are in :)

    Nicholas Chee

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