The Siam - True Comfort!

Traveling around Asia was not so much a priority back in the day. After settling down with K.I.N at PACT, I had taken a short break to spend some time with my other half.

We're the types to spend time at a hotel and not move around much so don't expect an insider's guide to Bangkok. Time was spent firmly soaking in the hotel's charm.

I'd recently read about The Siam in Bangkok and that was pretty much it. Friends had also endorsed the place as a nice little weekend getaway so we decided on a two day visit.

Quick things:
1) The hotel ornamentation features artifacts and collections that belong to the owners. Nice personal touch.
2) This place is a family owned and run operation. Family leading the charge, with an effective tight-knit team in tow.
3) Take the boat on the dock for trips up and down the river. Visit the nearby Buddhist temples.
4) Do not leave and go to downtown Bangkok!
5) Use the Snooker Table.
6) Designed by Bill Bensley (landscaping was a real feature)
7) Afternoon tea at Cafe Cha was pretty next level. Go for the Thai Tea and light snacks.
8) The hotel had an amazing Pool and Jetty. Shame it wasn't put to good use with a nice DJ since most guests choose to stay in (food and drinks were relatively cheap).
9) Cocktail menu needed some sprucing up.
10) There is a nice clientele that stay at the hotel so be friendly and meet some new people.
11) Hotel gift shop was over-priced. Plan a visit to markets in downtown on the way to the airport.

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