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Back at the office...

Thank you all for coming by to see us on Saturday at Percentile. 

We thought we'd take a break this Monday morning but we wanted to recap the event. Sorry for the Iphone photos but those were all we could manage in the midst of all the chaos. 

Firstly, Thank you to all who came down. It was a real pleasure to meet some of our customers who have now become our friends. Thank you for all the feedback on the product; what you dislike, what you truly appreciate and what you think we could do better on. We're not perfect and the only way we can head in that direction is to speak with some of you. We have recently embarked on a survey with some of our customers, friends and we will be doing our level best to address all of the feedback. We take your word pretty seriously so do expect some changes from us. 

Amidst the chaos, I took some time to explain to some of you how we will be progressing in future so keep a look out for some exciting changes to come. See you at our store K.I.N at PACT at Orchard Central in the future. 

We hope you enjoyed taking your Saturday out to meet with Daryl and myself (Suraj). We surpassed all of our expectations at this event and will be happy to see some of you out at the next event. It should be bigger the next time around. 

Lastly, it was exciting to see some of you sport our clothing at the event itself. Glad to see how the t-shirts have truly become second skin to you. Glad to even see some of the ladies show us how menswear should be styled.

What we took away from the event (This may be applicable to some of you starting your own businesses in future):

1) Dialogue on a very regular basis with the people that make this work. 
2) Being personal. Starting as customers to eventually becoming friends. 
3) Staying focused on the task at hand - having fun but not forgetting about the business.  
4) Assisting rather then selling. We spent the day providing info to customers as opposed to selling. The choice is always theirs to make. 
5) Enhancing the greater community. Percentile was about the community and how we can enhance the Singaporean shopping experience. 
6) Meeting new people is key. Always a pleasure to hear new stories, new business ideas and such. This helps to broaden our vision of the business. 

Lastly, a picture of one of our most loyal customers with her little Rockstar...

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