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Something about Massachusetts

Something about Massachusetts

  Massachusetts steals the show every summer. Photos from Aquinnah, Martha's Vineyard (just before Obama visited!) and Edgartown, Martha'...

The Pivot

Clear skies and beautiful travel conditions. The road ahead looks good. 

Here's to progress.

It's all good - Embracing Normalcy.

Now I don't like to preach but I felt the right time to discuss something I hold close to home. Have you always felt the need to buy stuff you don...

Sifr in Bali

The Sifr team flew to Bali for a well deserved break. We spent Nyepi together, stayed at the gorgeous Bisma Eight, scaled Mt. Batur, chilled at the...

Tour of duty - Bisma Eight

Bisma Eight keeps it real. A new boutique hotel worth raving about. 

Bisma Eight Ubud, Large Rooms

Brewskis with the sifr folks

Home brewing - A sifr project for the home!